New Years Eve Crystal Ball Drop Prep

New Years Eve Crystal Ball Drop Prep

CBS News - With just four days to go before we ring in 2018, last minute preparations are underway in New York city for the biggest New Years Eve bash in the country at the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball.

Among the highlights of the evening is the Waterford crystal ball drop at midnight.

This year, according to organizers, the ball's theme celebrates the "Gift of Serenity."

Workers were on hand to install 288 new Waterford crystal panels on the celebrated ball Wednesday (12/27) in Times Square, NY.

The new "Gift of Serenity" design is a pattern of cuts resembling butterflies flying peacefully above a meadow capturing the spirit of serenity.  Previous designs in the 10-year "Greatest Gifts" series are the "Gift of Kindness" fashioned by a circle of rosettes with the fronds reaching out in an expression of kindness; "Gift of Wonder" composed by a faceted starburst inspiring our sense of wonder; the "Gift of Fortitude" consisting of diamond cuts on either side of a crystal pillar representing the resolve, courage and spirit necessary to triumph over adversity; and the remaining  1,536 Waterford Crystal triangles feature the "Gift of Imagination" with a series of wedge cuts that are mirrored reflections of each other inspiring our imagination. 

The crystals, designed and crafted by Waterford artisans, are each about 3/8" thick, 4.75" to 5.75" in length, and 6.8 ounces in weight, and are custom-designed and built to exacting standards to withstand the stresses of high winds, precipitation and temperature fluctuation that exist 470 feet above Times Square.

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