Pacific Grove using new parking enforcement technology

Pacific Grove using new parking...

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - New technology means stricter parking enforcement in one Central Coast city.

Pacific Grove just implemented license plate recognition (or LPR) technology to its parking scooter. The city says LPR isn't a way to get more money from drivers, they say its purpose is efficiency.

"We weren't looking at costs. We’re just more looking at utilizing technology to become a more efficient operation and making it easier on our employees," said Jocelyn Francis, administrative services manager with Pacific Grove PD.

Using cameras and GPS, LPR ensures there's no tickets by mistake.

"The officer can then bring up those photos on the computer and verify the violation as correct, issue a citation and then those photos are uploaded and then attached to that parking citation," Francis said.

The police department says the LPR technology cost 59,000 dollars. Right now it's on only one of their electric parking scooters. There's no plans yet to add it to others.

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