Panetta introduces legislation for more ocean exploration

Legislation to help Central Coast underwater exploration

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - New proposed legislation could make unmanned ocean exploration a much more common sight on the Central Coast.

The new bill is being co-sponsored by congressman Jimmy Panetta and could build strong partnerships with those exploring our oceans. 

iI's called the Commercial Engagement through Ocean Technology Act, or CENOTE for short. 
It's bipartisan legislation that would advance the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's use of unmanned ocean vessels, encourage private sector research and development, and ensure that marine data is readily available and reliable. The bill would direct NOAA to coordinate it's efforts with the Navy, and will directly contribute to national security, climate studies, marine life, and much more.

"We are tied into the ocean. We need the oceans to be healthy. You need to understand the oceans so it's important to be able to understand that science. It's important to be able to predict those kinds of variations in the ocean so we can predict long-range what our climate weather will be like and this legislation will advance the technology, it will help us understand all those things," said Retired Technical Director of Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Mike Clancy.

As mentioned, Jimmy Panetta is one of the four congressman to introduce this legislation. In a statetment, he said,in-part, "The Naval Postgraduate School is already doing incredible research and work on unmanned technology right here on the Central Coast of California. That is why I included specific language for NOAA to coordinate with nps, so that our brightest minds can work together across agencies to advance this exciting emerging technology." 

Congressman Panetta added, "Advancing unmanned systems has widespread civil, commercial, academic, and national security benefits," Now it's up to congress to act on it.

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