PART TWO: Ghost hunters say they've uncovered more than a dozen spirits at Point Sur Lighthouse

PART TWO Ghost hunters say theyve uncovered more than a dozen spirits at Point Sur Lighthouse

BIG SUR, Calif. - Sheila, a Long time volunteer at the Point Sur Lighthouse, was doing what she often has done.

"One of the things I do here is I clean the house every Thursday morning," said Sheila. 

But this time was far from ordinary...

"I was coming in here into this room when I heard something. So I stepped back to see what it was and then I saw this women walking from this landing to that landing. But my thought was, 'Oh be careful. You have on that long skirt and your hands are not free to hold on to the banister, and I'm afraid you might trip'. With that, she was at the bottom. She looked up at me and then she was gone. I'd like to see her again. I was honored totally honored," said Sheila.   

So much so that she wants to know more, she even got a sketch done.

"Long dress, maybe dress or skirt. And then the sleeves were long with a little puff. And then the high neck," said Sheila. 

According to resident ghost hunters Monica and Julie, while seeing something is rare, hearing spirits is not. 

"We came out here on a moonlight tour and just brought a recorder and we got six a-class EVP's. 
Even the ghost adventures when they came and did an episode here, they couldn't believe it. They tested them to make sure they weren't fake," said Julie Nunes. 

EVP- electronic voice phenomenon. Basically voices from spirits that the human ear cant hear. 

"Some people think heaven is up in the clouds. Well, maybe heaven is when you were the happiest on earth. And you come back to the place where you were the happiest," said Monica Judd-Powell.

"We do have one story. It was a women who was ten years old when she was here. And she was 84 when she died, and her nickname was pokey. Well pokey is our most active ghost. She has come back as a ten year old  little girl," said Julie Nunes.

Whether believe or not. The drive here and the view make the trip worth wild. And the ghosts they're just an added bonus.   


Point Sur Lighthouse restorations are paid for by donations or money made from the tours they do year round. If you'd like to take a tour or go on a ghost hunt, you can find information in the link below.



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