Patrol officer evacuates residents from burning home in Marina

MARINA, Calif. - Marina Fire Department is investigating a fire that broke out at 227 Harben Circle last night. Authorities suspect that the fire was sparked by discarded fireworks.

Personnel from the Marina Fire Department found a vehicle on fire upon their arrival. The residence’s fence and a portion of the garage were also on fire.

Presidio of Monterey, Seaside Fire, North County Fire Protection District, AMR ambulance and three chief officers responded to the call alongside the Marina Fire Department.

Responders extinguished the flames engulfing the vehicle, then moved on to the home and surrounding property.

The residents were evacuated by Marina Police Department. There were no injuries to report.

The vehicle is a total loss. There is approximately $5,000 of damage to the home and approximately $2,500 of damage to the fence.

The fire is under investigation. Authorities suspect that the fire was sparked by fireworks that were discarded in a plastic waste bin near the residence.

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