Peru Celebrates New Years Fight Festival

Peru Celebrates New Years Fight Festival

CBS News - Participants in Peru's annual slugfest battled it out on Monday (January 1) in the local Takanakuy fighting festival aimed at settling old scores and starting the new year afresh.

Takanakuy combines the native words 'takay', meaning fight and 'nakuy', meaning mutual, and is celebrated each year during the holidays in an event that community members say resolves conflicts and improves relationships.

The yearly brawls are held throughout the province of Chumbibilcas in the department of Cuzco and are set against a backdrop of music, drinking and a generally festive atmosphere.

Those preferring not to slug it out can can watch fists fly from spectator stands set up beside the makeshift fighting rings.

Judges and referees are on hand to declare the winners in fights over issues ranging from affairs of the heart to financial and legal disputes.

The event serves as a form of community justice aimed at quashing conflict between residents and allowing participants to start the new year in peace.

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