Photographers flock to Pfeiffer Beach to shoot rare sunset

Rare sunset makes an appearance in Big Sur

BIG SUR, Calif. - You’ve still got time to see a rare wonder of the Central Coast. At one Big Sur beach there's a narrow window every year where you can see the sun set so perfectly it creates a view that people from all over come to see.

One by one people flock to Big Sur until a hundred or more line the shore of Pfeiffer Beach.

Some photographers from just down the road while others from much farther.

Singapore resident Miao Qun said, "it's so beautiful, I've never seen anything like this before." 

Both professionals and amateurs came armed with cameras, small and big.

"I am working with a 200 to 500 f5.6 on the Nikon D5100 its huge there are not many lenses this big,” said Ventura resident, Bennett Cvijanovich.

Some shoot from above while others stand-alone coming to the coast to capture the sun in a rare sunset shining through a rock archway. It’s called the keyhole by some. It’s only seen at Pfeiffer Beach between mid-December and January.

Santa Cruz resident, Greg Gawlowski said, “The combination of low tide at sunset with the winter solstice… is just perfect lighting for this situation.” “What is the perfect photo going to look like for you? Shaft of light is what we all come out here for. If you have a nice shaft of light accompanied by some beautiful wave or water action that’s just, that’s what we are looking for."

Photography is a waiting game, you might come searching for one moment, you might think it’s right in front of you and then another. During a beautiful sunset shot an Orange County man was captured proposing to his girlfriend.

"You know this is the perfect place. The perfect time for the perfect person and I couldn't ask for more it was perfect,” said newly engaged, Fori Lagat.

Surrounded by a hundred photographers the couple now also has the perfect picture to remember a moment certainly worth capturing.



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