Police hope pit bull K-9 changes judgement of breed

KANSAS - Police in Kansas have a new drug sniffing K-9 detective, a pitbull who was rescued by a Texas organization and trained to work in law enforcement. 

Kano went through eight weeks of training with Universal K-9 in San Antonio. The organization partnered with Animal Farm Foundation to start a grant program training pit bulls to sniff out drugs and explosives. 

“When rescuing and re-homing dogs, we focused on American Pit Bull Terriers. Over time , We realized that the dogs we were helping we’re not necessarily purebred American Pit Bull Terriers, but dogs that people called “Pit Bulls”. “Pit Bull” is not a breed or breed mix, but an ever expanding group that includes whatever and animal control officer, shelter worker, dog trainer, politician, dog owner, police officer, or newspaper says it is. This open our eyes to the dogs in front of us. These are the dogs that need our help," said the Animal Farm Foundation.

Kano's handler said the K-9 got his name from a character from "Mortal Kombat," because of the dogs unique eyes and patches. 

"One of the first things I noticed about Kano was he loves to work. Regardless of knowing who I was the first couple days, Kano showed his worth when it came to work," the Stafford Police Department posted on Facebook. 

Kano is trained in locating marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy. 

Kano's handler said he's always been pro pit bull and thinks the dogs are "misunderstood." 

"Just like people, dogs are individuals too! Kano and I plan to get out there and help try to change the bad name that so many have given the pit bull," said Kano's handler. 


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