Police have person of interest following more than 25 car break-ins in PG

Pacific Grove seen more than 25 car...

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - Officers from the Pacific Grove Police Department are talking to a person of interest following more than 25 car break-ins that happened between Friday and Sunday. It also looks like there may be a second suspect.  

“The video indicates that there could be at least two (suspects),” said Srt. Jeff Fenton. “One of our officers recognized an individual that he has dealt with on a regular basis that had a similar backpack. So we do have a person of interest (who) we are just beginning to look into.” 

All of the incidents happened near Sinex Avenue, Grove Acre Avenue, Crocker Avenue, Gibson Avenue and they all have one thing in common, the car doors were unlocked, investigators said.

David Bergstrand, a Pacific Grove resident, considers himself one of the lucky ones. After forgetting to lock his driver-side door Friday, he says the crooks rummaged around and only ended up getting some spare change he kept in a old prescription drug bottle. They completely missed his laptop and an expensive pair of binoculars, according to Bergstrand.   

“Yeah, all the good stuff. I just had a coat thrown over all of the stuff,” said Bergstrand. “It’s like Flip Wilson --- ‘what you see is what you get.’”  

Most of victims were like Bergstrand, only small stuff was taken. But Bonnie Brien’s neighbor had almost $200 taken.   

“I’ve never heard of anything like that happening around here,” said Brien. “It’s disappointing. We feel like we are really safe on this street.”  

Another victim had $2,500 stolen.  

“They (the victim) didn’t have time to go to bank after they got their payment from their job,” Fenton said.   

The department said it wants to remind folks to remove valuables from your car and lock your doors.  If you recognize either of the suspects in the video contact PGPD at 831-648-3143.




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