Portland couples' home and car vandalized by anti-California graffiti

PORTLAND, Ore. - In Oregon, the search is on for whoever spray painted a couple’s home and car, essentially telling them to leave the state.

Preston Page and his fiancé woke up to a message that said, “go back to California, yeah.” The couple moved to Portland, Oregon from Los Angeles about four months ago to follow his career with Adidas.

“We've redone everything pretty much and kind of were at a place of just starting to relax a little bit and not so much anymore,” said Page.

The vandal not only spray painted messages telling the couple to “go home” and disparaging California, they also keyed their vehicle.

“I didn't realize the extent of the damage to the car,” said Page.

As for why someone would do this to the couple’s home, they wonder if it had something to do with road rage.

“A gentleman was driving down the street yesterday as we were trying to pull out and didn't want to wait and sped up and as he drove away he yelled.”

Page filed a police report, he wishes that whoever did this would have had a conversation with him personally as opposed to lashing out.

Page said, “It was a little surprising, I mean the community we've moved into, everyone has been here 20 to 30 years, the school districts are great.  It's kind of what we wanted, moving from LA being so loud, but definitely surprised someone would go this far.”


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