Progress being made on Mud Creek landslide

Access trail created for crews

Mud Creek Slide: Construction crews cre

BIG SUR, Calif. - A contractor for almost 40 years, John Madonna has dealt with some pretty big landslides. The Julia Pfeiffer Burns slide back in 1984 was the biggest, until now.

"You know you've got a lot of material that's moved so you've got new exposed masses of soil that we have to understand how they're going to react," said Madonna.

And that’s where things get tricky. So to get a better understanding of the Mud Creek landslides movement, Madonna said crews have now created an access road to set up radar equipment on the slide. The slide is broken into six zones each of which is monitored to see how the soil is moving.

"And we look at whether or not that movement is aggressive, if it's accelerating, consistent or regressing," added Madonna.

And the good news, the movement is regressing. However, even though this is a big step in an even bigger project, the priority has been Paul’s Slide. Madonna adds crews may have that cleaned up in the next 30 days.

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