Pursuit leads Santa Cruz deputies to 7 stolen vehicles, suspect at large

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Calif. - Deputies with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office located seven stolen vehicles following a pursuit in Corralitos. 

On January 11, deputies were patrolling the 1200 block of Buzzard Lagoon Road when they contacted suspect, 30-year-old Ryan Roby. Roby was driving a Ford F350 truck suspected to be stolen.

"Roby engaged the deputies in conversation but refused to exit the vehicle as directed," said Sgt. Shon Leonetti. 

Roby sped away and led deputies on a short high speed chase reaching speeds of 50-mph to successfully elude arrest. 

While deputies searched for Roby they located a second stolen vehicle on Grizzly Flat Road. 

"This led deputies to Roby's residence address in the 300 block of Loma Escondida Road where approximately 5 additional stolen vehicles were located including the Ford F350 truck Roby originally fled in," said Sgt. Leonetti. 

Deputies did not find Roby at his home.

Investigators with the Santa Cruz Auto Theft Reduction Task Force (SCARE) assisted with recovering the stolen vehicles. However due to road conditions and darkness, only a few vehicles could be recovered.

On January 12, the Sheriff's Office, and SCARE returned to Roby's home with a search warrant to recover the remaining stolen cars. 

In all, recovered from Roby's home were three stolen trucks, two trailers, one box truck and a BOB CAT tractor. 

The owners of the stolen vehicles were from Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties. 

Deputies have not been able to locate Ryan Roby. He is described as a 30-year-old white man with brown hair, green eyes, 6 feet tall, 195 lbs. 

Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts are asked to call 831-471-1121. 


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