Radio transmissions encrypted at Salinas Police Dept.

SALINAS, Calif. - It’s day two of a next generation public safety radio system in Monterey County.

NGEN technologies are moving most police, fire and emergency services from analog to digital.

While fire is still on the analog system, the Salinas Police Department switched over to the digital system on Thursday.

And that’s not the only big change. The police departments in Monterey County are now encrypting their radio transmissions. The Salinas Police Department says this will keep criminals from tuning into their every move.

The change also means that media outlets, like KION TV, will no longer be able to monitor scanner traffic as part of their newsgathering efforts.

KION reporter and Telemundo 23 anchor Michelle Pulido checked in with the Salinas Police Department and some local residents on some of the changes they are already seeing with the switchover. She's working on that story for our six o'clock newscast. 


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