Rain to soak AT&T Pro-Am, challenging golfers and crews

Maintenance crews challenged to upkeep courses

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. - Swinging for par is no simple task out on the Pebble Beach Golf Links, and now with rain and wind it's even tougher.

"Into the wind, it's tough out here," said Steve Young, Seaside resident and frequent golfer, "if it stays dry and just a little wet, they'll be ok. But if it starts raining with this wind, it'll be a challenge for them."

The golf courses at Pebble have taken a real beating so far this winter. Over the past few years golfers have been a little spoiled with some nice weather. But this time around, golfers may be in for more of a traditional Central Coast winter experience and the challenges that come with it.

"The balls are not going to roll as far, it's not going to be as firm and fast on the golf courses," said Chris Dalhamer, Director of Golf Course Maintenance.

Dalhamer said over the last four weeks crews have been hard at work cleaning up storm debris and repairing bunkers. But it's even tougher now with the AT&T Pro-Am underway.

"You know, trying to get all the detail work done while you're still doing clean up from all these storms that have hit us," said Dalhamer.

But regardless of the weather, the tournament is still expected to draw big crowds.

"With the pros, if they get out here and it's nice weather they'll just light it up," said Young, "but I think the fans will make it out here as much as they can."

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