Rally planned to shut down sand mine in Marina

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - - Two well-known marine conservation groups are planning a rally next week to push for an end to the controversial CEMEX sand mining plant in Marina.

Save Our Shores and Surfrider Monterey are asking people to turn out August 10th in Scotts Valley where the California Coastal Commission will hold its monthly meeting at the Hilton Santa Cruz.

The nonprofits are vocal opponents of the Lapis Lustre Sand Mine in Marina.

Back in March, the California Coastal Commission sent a cease and desist letter to the CEMEX Lapis Sand Mine, putting it on notice that the commission will move forward with shutting it down if things can't be resolved. 

The commission claims that much of the development there is unpermitted. That includes sand mining and dredging that's decreasing the amount of sand along the Monterey Bay, changing the coastline and violating the coastal act.

Also in March, the international buildings material company headquartered in Mexico released a statement to KION saying it disagrees with its assessment and that CEMEX operates the Lapis Lustre Sand Mine in an environmentally responsible manner.

The California Coastal Commission says it's continuing to negotiate with CEMEX and has granted several extensions.

On its website, CEMEX says its sands from the Marina mine are used in water filtration systems, gardens and nurseries, golf courses, well drillers, sandblasters, recreational facilities and many construction uses.

In a press release, Save Our Shores and Surfrider Monterey say they're hosting the rally, "in support of the Commission's effort to end the harmful erosion caused by the mine during their public comment period."

The non-profits say they support the commission and would like to encourage its members to faster action.

Surfrider Monterey is organizing carpools for people living in Monterey.

The California Coastal Commission is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, August 10th at 9 a.m. at the Hilton Santa Cruz in Scotts Valley.

To watch an earlier KION story about the Coastal Commission and CEMEX:

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