Record crowds and temperatures expected at Capitola Begonia Festival

CAPITOLA, Calif. - The 65th annual Capitola Begonia Festival is on track to bring record crowds this weekend to celebrate, for the last time, the begonia growing and water festival history of Capitola.

"The lovely family that's been growing begonias for us for the last 41 and a half decades has decided to retire," said Laurie Hill with the Capitola Begonia Festival.

The begonia festival along with Labor Day weekend and high temperatures are expected to take over parts of Santa Cruz County.

"I think it's too hot for us,” said Barry Staley of Santa Cruz. “If you want this hot weather live in San Jose." 

Some tourists are feeling the exact opposite. They said they actually came to Santa Cruz County to escape the heat.

"We're from Yosemite National Park,” said Buffi Kraft. “Where we’re at it's about 112 right now, so this is really great weather.”

Extreme heat warnings have been issued for much of Santa Cruz County. Temperatures could exceed 100 degrees and break records.

“Actually I'm not going to the beach, I'm not going out,” said Staley. “I'm actually gonna stay at home and let all the people come over here who think it's really cool when it's real hot.”

Officials recommend limiting strenuous activity during the hottest times of the day and drinking plenty of water. 

"And hopefully pray for an ocean breeze or bay breeze," said Kathy Kelly of San Rafael.

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