Repairs approved for Pacific Grove seawall

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - A popular coastal wall damaged by winter storms can now be repaired. The California Coastal Commission gave the go-ahead Wednesday.

The spot is just down the road from Lovers Point in Pacific Grove.

Part of the wall along the coast in Pacific Grove has been crumbling since storms damaged it in January. Experts say another storm or big wave could knock even more of the wall down but the vote to approve the repairs was still tight.

The goal is to repair the damage and rebuild the wall, but some in Pacific Grove don't want that.

"It's a weak, old wall and it needs to be removed," said Pacific Grove resident Tony Ciani.

He along with fellow Pacific Grove resident Luke Coletti have been concerned about the wall for years.

"In 2007 they repaired it in 3 locations," Ciani said. "This is the fourth location, why do they think the repair today will prevent it from falling apart somewhere else?"

The Coastal Commission was divided too, the project was approved with a 6 to 4 vote.

Which is what Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe was hoping for. 

"It was close," the mayor said. "I'm relieved pleased at the outcome."

Cinai and Coletti say it's still only a temporary fix, but one Mayor Kampe says is necessary.

"If we wait, the first storm has a good prospect of creating far more extensive damage at far greater cost to the city," said Kampe.

While the commission approved the repairs, they still blamed the city for failing to give timely reports on past repairs.

"The city of Pacific Grove got a major slap on the wrist," said resident Luke Coletti. "It's their wake up call and they better start managing their coastal assets in a more responsible way."

The commission had a special condition for the city. They have three years to do a long term study of the shoreline between Lovers point and Ocean Boulevard at Sea Palm Avenue. Something the mayor says will be completed.  


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