Roundabouts on their way to Imjin Parkway


MARINA, Calif. - The City of Marina hosted an event to show off their plans for Imjin Parkway.

The project is expansive but the city's Public Works department says once done, it could make commutes a lot simpler.

Imjin Parkway is a main path leading drivers to and from the Peninsula. That means it's usually packed with traffic.

"The people that are traveling here, and now and travel on Imjin, are stacked up in the mornings and in the evenings," said resident Paula Pelot.

By 2019 though, the City of Marina hopes to change that with the Imjin Parkway Widening Project.

The project includes roundabouts, more bicycle lanes and bus pullouts. The city also says it could help slow drivers down on the busy road.

"The design we're looking at and the roundabout should keep the traffic flowing at a steady pace but hopefully a slower pace," said Brian McMinn, Public Works Director and City Engineer.

At Tuesday's outreach meeting, officials heard concerns from residents who live near Imjin Parkway. Most of them had to do with the project's roundabouts. Though they've been controversial on the Central Coast, Public Works says the studies speak for themselves.

"We're moving forward with roundabouts wherever they make sense from an operational standpoint," McMinn said, "Overall studies have shown safety wise, they're better than signalized traffic intersections.

Paula Pelot isn't against roundabouts, but still had concerns about parts of the widening project. She says it's important that those behind the project listen to the community.

"They can look at it from an engineering standpoint but there's always anecdotal things that people don't think about," Pelot said.

Concerns she hopes are considered before construction begins.

"If we're keeping it on track with schedule, we should be seeing the earliest construction start [by] Spring of 2019," McMinn said.

He adds that one of the last hurdles of the project is funding, the estimated cost is $33 million. Twenty million is set to come from Measure X and some from the state. They also plan to look at other options to close the gap.

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