Salinas: Dozens of businesses hit by smash and grabs

Salinas: Dozens of businesses hit by sma

SALINAS, Calif. - UPDATE 7/13/2017 5:30 p.m.:

Salinas police are investigating a major uptick in smash and grab burglaries. Within the last two months, there have been between 20-25 smash and grabs throughout the city. However, the hotspots are along Del Monte and Garner Avenues, Sanborn and Williams Road and the Creekbridge Shopping Center.
Panadería Acarmbaritas on the corner of Boronda and Sanborn Roads was burglarized on June 30. Surveillance video captured the crime happen.

"It took them less than a minute to break through that glass, come in and grab the register and run out," said co-owner Jorge Acosta.

The two thieves, seen leaving on bicycles, caused $3,000 in damage, all for $100 in the till.

Nearby businesses have also been hit.

"Across the parking lot from us, a tortillería, same thing,” Acosta said. “Then a week later, across the building next door, there's a restaurant, also same thing. My neighbor just told me it happened to him two weeks ago."

Police say there’s a good possibility it is the same committing the crimes, but they don’t have much to go on, which is why they’re urging businesses to install working surveillance cameras.

"They'll be very fast just to get in and out, so if they have a good camera system that they know is operating and working, that gives us a big advantage to at least get a general description," said Cmdr. Mike Groves.

In the meantime, Acosta is making changes at the bakery like leaving the lights on and leaving the register empty at night. However, it doesn’t change his mind over the city he has lived in for over 30 years.

"Yes, we have some deficiencies but I think as a community, if we come together we can solve a lot of these problems," Acosta said.


According to the Salinas Police Department, there have been 20 to 25 smash and grabs in the last two months.

There's been a heavy concentration of burglaries in East Salinas (Del Monte, Williams, Garner) and in the Creekbridge area. Police said most smash and grabs are happening between 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. Cash registers have been taken in some cases. 

While police do have surveillance images, they don't have enough for an actual description. However investigators believe it could be the same suspects hitting up the businesses.

KION's Mariana Hicks speaks with police and businesses about the reoccurring crimes, she'll have the story at 5 p.m. 



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