Salinas first responders and council members preparing for safe 4th of July celebrations

SALINAS, Calif. - City leaders are working with police and fire to make sure Fourth of July celebrations in Salinas are safe as the sale of safe and sane fireworks are allowed in the city this year.

Voters approved Measure C in 2016 making safe and sane fireworks legal again, though some rules remain in place.

"Illegal fireworks remain illegal," says Sam Klemek, Batalion Chief and Salinas Fire Marshal. "Anything that leaves the ground, anything that does not bear the state fire marshal seal as safe and sane."

Council members met with police and fire Tuesday night. They discussed how both departments will crack down on illegal fireworks and spoke about fire prevention measures.

Law enforcement is looking to the public to help them enforce laws.

"Our best intelligence to combat illegal fireworks is our public," said Klemek.

Salinas Fire Department encourages you to visit this link to report firework incidents near you.


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