Salinas jewelry store owner warns about "fake jewelry" being sold on the Central Coast

SALINAS, Calif. - The owners of a Salinas jewelry store are warning people about a fake jewelry scam.

Tony’s Jewelry told KION it has had at least 10 customers bring in jewelry to get looked at, only to find out it was fake.

"They come in here, we use the acid, nitric acid and we literally tell them what it is which is a brass ring," said Tony De La Torre of Tony's Jewelry.

They said customers are being conned out of hundreds of dollars. Many people said they bought the fake jewelry from people in parking lots. One person claimed to be a mother in need of money.

“She said she had been robbed and that she just moved here from Canada. She had a foreign accent so these guys out of sympathy, they bought the ring because they felt bad,” said Yesenia De La Torre, Manager of Tony’s Jewelry.

KION reached out to Salinas Police to find out if anyone has reported being sold fake jewelry. We are still waiting to hear back.

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