Salinas Police make 7 DUI arrests over winter enforcement

Police make 7 DUI arrests over winter enforcement

SALINAS, Calif. - The Salinas Police Department made seven DUI arrests during their winter maximum enforcement campaign. 

Between December 15 and December 25, six drivers were arrested for drunk driving and one was arrested for suspicion of driving while drunk and high on marijuana. 

"Two of the seven drivers were involved in traffic collisions but fortunately there were no injuries. During the same time period in 2016, there were also seven DUI arrests, while in 2015, there were 15 DUI arrests," said Sgt. Gerry Ross. 

With new pot laws coming January 1st, Salinas police are preparing for more drugged driving. 

"Just like other states that have legalized marijuana, we believe there is going to be a spike," Sgt. Ross said. 

Ride-hailing service Uber is partnering with Mother's Against Drunk Driving to encourage people to call a designated driver. 

Daniel Perez has been driving with Uber for a year and a  half. He says the holidays get busy. "These times, I pick up a lot of people that like drinking."

Douglas McCorkle is new to Uber, driving for about two months. Passengers have told him it comes down to a choice. "I can order one more drink and pay ten bucks or I can get home safely. So it is not that expensive." 

Salinas Police report on seven arrests:

On December 16, at about 2:39 am, an officer saw a 27-year-old woman, driving the wrong way on Salinas Street. She was found to be twice the legal limit of .08 and was charged with DUI.

On December 16, at about 6:50 pm, an officer saw Javier Rios, age 31, make a left turn so wide that he drove up onto the sidewalk and lawn of a residence on Meadow Drive. Rios then ran from police and fought when captured. He tested at twice the legal limit at .16 and was booked for DUI and resisting arrest.

On December 20, at about 1:22 am, an officer saw Ramon Nunez, age 27, driving about 65 mph in a 35 mph zone. When the officer stopped the vehicle, Nunez' wife, Jasmine Hernandez, 27, exited the car and began yelling at officers and interfering with the investigation. Several young children were in the car. Nunez was booked for DUI, and Child Endangerment. Hernandez was booked for interfering and being drunk in public.

On December 24, at 303 am, Cristobol Avalos, 49, struck a power pole in the area of West Market Street and Clark Street and fled the scene. Officers located Avalos and found him to be under the influence. He tested at .18, more than double the legal limit.

On December 24, at 5:38 pm, Justo Gutierrez, 19, was seen speeding and unsafely changing lanes, nearly causing a collision on the 1300 block of Garner Ave. He tested at .20, two and one half times the legal limit. He was also found to be in possession of marijuana, driving on a suspended license from a prior DUI arrest, and not using a required interlock device.

On December 24, at 9:08 pm, a citizen called in a fight that was occurring in a vehicle. Officers spotted the vehicle near Maple St. and Abbott St. The vehicle was being driven by Rebecca Rubio, 26. Rubio was found to be under the influence of alcohol and tested at .29, over three times the legal limit. She was also driving on a suspended license from a previous DUI arrest.

On December 25, at 9:07 pm, Esteban Ochoa, 50, struck a parked and fled the scene. He was later located and tested at .16 BAC, or twice the legal limit.

The Winter Enforcement Campaign will continue through January 1. 

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