Salinas Rail Extension moving forward

SALINAS, Calif. - The first part of the project will include extending Lincoln Avenue into the train station to make for safer access and making improvements to the parking and transit facilities. But before any of that is possible, TAMC has to acquire the last properties needed around the station.

"We’re also doing some hazardous materials testing while we go through all that. And once were at that point, we're going to be able to demolish those structures on the property and then do the utility relocation. Which is a big project. There are quite a few utilities that are going down station place right now that need to be relocated down the new Lincoln Avenue," said TAMC Principle Transportation Planner, Christina Watson.

The process of land acquisition is going through the courts, with two or three parcels still being negotiated on. TAMC plans to remove many of the buildings that stand between the station and downtown area. Once they're gone, the two areas will be more connected and visibility of the area greatly improved. The long term vision is to bring new passenger train service to Salinas.   

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