Salinas wants input for downtown improvements

Salinas downtown meeting

SALINAS, Calif. - Shaping the future of Downtown Salinas will be the focus of a meeting with members of the Salinas City Council, the first of many. 

Change is hard for many people and a necessity for others, but regardless of how it affects you, Salinas City Center will see some major changes, and the public's input is being requested. 

Monday Night, a special joint community meeting will be held at the Salinas City Hall Rotunda to discuss changes and investments to the Downtown Salinas area over the next 18 months. The meeting will include presentations by the City of Salinas, CSUMB & the Downtown /City Center Association. The city has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the upcoming projects, but with tonight's meeting, the city will start having a better idea as to where that money should go.

"The first step is design, the first step is engaging the public and that's what the council has allocated funds for. There's earmarked funds north of 10-million for the ultimate project, downtown is seeing a lot more investment, and as a result, is much more vibrant. This is a good thing for Salinas," said District Three City Counciman, Steve McShane.

Though nothing is set in stone, ideas that have been thrown around for the downtown area would include two-way traffic, more convenient ways to park, and improved sidewalks and planters. McShane told us one of the biggest topics for residents in the area is safety, a subject which will be discussed at length tonight.

Everyone involved with tonight's meeting is heavily encouraging the public to attend to share your ideas. It will begin at six Monday Night in the Salinas City Hall Rotunda and is expected to last around an hour and a half.

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