Salon offers free haircuts on 'A Day Without Immigrants'

Watsonville hair salon free haircuts...

WATSONVILLE, Calif. - Thousands of immigrants went on strike Thursday to show the Trump administration what the country would be like without them.

Stores were shut down, and restaurants closed in support.

But one Watsonville business decided to stay open with another message in mind.

"I know that other shops are closed, but I have a different idea, to help somebody," said Maria Jimenez, manager of Haircuts, Ltd.

She said her and her employees wanted to help those who are a vital part of the city.

"These are people that are contributing to our economy, and these people work every day to get their money on the table so they can serve their families," employee Manuel Jimenez said.

Instead of shutting down the salon, Maria Jimenez came up with the idea of giving free haircuts for the day.

"It's a better way because I'm stay(ing) here for my clients because they need service, but no money," Maria Jimenez said.

No money, she just wants to support the immigrant community.
“So they don't feel upset about all the new laws that are going in effect by the Trump administration," Manuel Jimenez said.

Many are concerned about the hardline immigration policies President Donald Trump has put out. 

"I have some friends who are in fear … they are very paranoid over it," said customer Felix
Villegas. "It's pretty sad for people to be scared about their own president."

According to the Pew Research Center, there are about 11 million undocumented immigrants living in America, and in 2014, 8 million were in the workforce.

Villegas said he supports those making their voices heard. 

'I think it's great. It's a good way to empower the people," Villegas said.

That’s what Jimenez was hoping to do, and she’s not asking for anything in return.

"They tell me, thank you so much, that's so wonderful, so I'm glad with their words," Maria Jimenez said.

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