San Benito County

Early morning car chase in Hollister leads to four arrests

Police investigating possible "traveling burglary crew"

HOLLISTER, Calif. - An early-morning car chase in Hollister led to the arrest of four people on various charges, including possession of burglary tools.

Around 1:20 a.m. Tuesday, officers on San Felipe Road tried to stop a car traveling southbound in violation of vehicle codes. The car kept going, continuing on to San Benito Street, Union Road, through parts of San Benito County and then back into the city of Hollister. Police followed, noticing that occupants were throwing various items from the car.

The chase eventually ended at Bonnie View Road.

Police arrested Christopher Montoya, 28, and Miguel Aguayo-Cesena, 26, of Gilroy, along with Andrea Quintero, 39, of Santa Clara and 25-year-old Stephen Lee of Salinas.

The charges include evading a peace officer with willful disregard, conspiracy to commit a crime, destruction of evidence, and possession of burglary tools. In addition, Lee was discovered to have a warrant for a parole violation. All four were booked into the San Benito County Jail.

Police Chief David Westrick said his department is investigating whether the foursome was working as a "traveling burglary crew" of some type. They're currently working with other law enforcement agencies in the region as they continue the investigation.

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