San Benito County

Hollister gets downtown weather center

New weather station located in downtown Hollister

HOLLISTER, Calif. - Thanks to a nonprofit group, Weatherag, and the help of different community members, a new downtown weather center has been added to the Hollister Sign Company's roof.

 "It's a professional weather station. It's wireless so we don't have to drill any holes through the roof. It transmits data to a main console inside the building," said Weatherag's chief meteorologist, Scott Borgioli.

 The unique thing about this station is its location -  most weather stations are located in more remote locations.

 "What we're focusing on are the downtowns that have a lot of activity and are vibrant. Hollister has demonstrated that through the biker rally and a lot of their festivals they have throughout the year," said  Borgioli.

His goal is to put them in cities all over California so that people can get local conditions in an instant.

Starting next week in downtown Hollister, anyone can use the weather station and just go to a quick link on a smartphone to get current and exact information.

 "What we are doing right now is we are in the testing and calibration stages of the weather station. We want to make sure that the data's accurate so that when it goes online all the readings are right on cue," said Borgioli.

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