San Lorenzo River forces people from their homes

Update on flooded San Lorenzo River

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Calif. - The San Lorenzo River continued to rise Tuesday night, flooding many homes in Paradise Park. Residents said they've only seen flooding like this a few other times.

"We’re having a lot of flooding throughout the park,” said Paradise Park Manager Steve Polizzi. 

Water levels Tuesday night in Paradise Park were three feet above flood stage, surpassing records from last March.

"At this point I’m thinking about 20 people have water in their basements or starting to flood," said Polizzi.

"Typically it stops at the end of the lawn, we don't see it come up like this very often," said Paradise park Resident.

Residents said they prepared as much as they could, and it’s part of living along the San Lorenzo River.

“Just going to sit and watch and see what happens,” said Paradise Park Resident.

"At this point we’re flooding, so just going to ride the water out and wait for it to recede," said Polizzi.

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