Santa Clara County

Homicide investigation continues after burning body found near Morgan Hill

Burned body found in Morgan Hill

MORGAN HILL, Calif. - The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office is investigating a homicide near Morgan Hill.

Just after 8 a.m. Thursday, deputies received a call about drivers seeing smoke on the side of Oak Glen Avenue. As they were responding, reports came in that drivers now saw a body on fire.

By the time emergency crews got on scene the fire had been extinguished on its own. The body is so badly burned that authorities can not immediately tell whether its female or male, and autopsy is pending. 

Oak Glen Avenue will be closed the rest of the day

Investigators don't know at this time if the person was dead before the body was set on fire. They say it seems whoever did this was trying to conceal the body in the woods, though deputies say Oak Glen Avenue is a well-traveled road used by many commuters to San Jose.

The area is also a popular fishing spot but because of the drought it hasn't been as busy with recreational fishermen this year.

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