Santa Cruz County Sheriff: Roger Wildey

Party/Affiliation:  Independent

Current Job: retired Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputy/sergeant/lieutenant

Family: Linda Wildey (wife),  three children, and two grandchildren

Top 3 Priorities if Elected:

1. Staffing

2. Public Safety

3. Community Involvement

How do you plan to implement these priorities:

1. Staffing:  This is the #1 problem facing the Sheriff's Office and the public. We often have only seven deputies on patrol to police the entire unincorporated area of the county. With the mandate to reduce prison populations, many dangerous prisoners will be released from prison early into our community. Crime WILL increase. It is urgent to get more deputies on patrol and to make REALISTIC plans to deal with this. I will immediately re-assign more deputies back to patrol, and bring back the reserve program to get more "feet on the street". In the longer term, I am committed to personally working with community groups such as yours to identify and examine the problems, and come up with genuine solutions. If we work together, we can devise a plan to rally community support to convince the Board of Supervisors to adequately fund the Sheriff's Office so we can once again provide the basic public safety that your community really needs.

2. Public Safety:  The basic problems that jeopardize public safety have been neglected. Increased violence, gang activity, and rampant abuse of serious drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine will be top priorities in my administration.

3. Community Involvement: As sheriff, I plan to personally reach out to the various different communities throughout Santa Cruz County, and work closely with them to identify problems and improve public safety. I am inspired by the model of Take Back Santa Cruz, and would like to use them as a model for Community Policing for the entire county. It is exciting to imagine what we could accomplish by working cooperatively!

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