Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office opens ‘little free library' outside Headquarters..

New book box at Santa Cruz County Sheriffs office

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office opened a 'little free library' outside their headquarters on Soquel Avenue.

These little libraries are becoming more and more popular throughout the County. The idea of the libraries are to give community members the option to take a book to read out of the box, or leave a book to share and it's completely free.

On Thursday a 3rd Grade Class from Green Acres Elementary came to celebrate the official opening of the library. The Sheriff's Office says they are excited to encourage kids to read and promote education. 

Sheriff Jim Hart says he also hopes kids take the opportunity to come to the Headquarters and talk with the deputies that serve the Santa Cruz community, "this is another component of trying to be a part of the community. And we think that's so important, with this day in age, especially with what's going on in Florida and across the country that young people feel comfortable approaching the police, talking to us and then God forbid if something happens that they know we are here to support them and help keep them safe."

Sheriff Hart says these types of events and outreach programs are what inspired some of his current deputies to get into law enforcement.

Parents at the event today said they are grateful the Sheriff's office decided to install the little library and they plan to bring their kids back.

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