Santa Cruz County Supervisor, 3rd District: Bob Lamonica

Party/Affiliation: I am an independent, not beholden to the progressive establishment

Current Job: Tech Marketer (self-employed, CruzExpo Tech MarCom)

Family: Wife, Jane Heyse

Top 3 Priorities if Elected:

  1. Service
  2. Honor
  3. Leadership

How do you plan to implement these priorities?

1.  Service. Everything we do affects everybody around us. Arguably, our direction in anthropological time is mutual respect. Eventually, the further past survival the more inclined towards service. Service is activism in practice. Activism is individual engagement in the political process through participation.

I'm into empowering. Mutual respect starts with self respect. I assert there is a highest common denominator to strive for. How to think, not what to think, is the way to go.

I'd like to grow as thoughtful, provocative, accessible and engaging, and yea, witty too if that happens. I like one-liners, and there's a place for laughs in politics – especially politic.

Leadership now. My 30+ years political activism is a stand for progress and truth, with openness and mutual respect. Let's stand together.

2. Honor. I stand on courage, principle and honor. For me, honor is honesty, integrity and enthusiasm. Without honor, there is nothing worth striving for. From get-go my candidacy has been, and will remain, an act of transparency and openness. I am not a blowhard. I don't like boasting. But this is politics, and I'm running for Supervisor.

"A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth."

The democratic republic of the United States of America. It's such an incredible gift, this work in citizen participation we share responsibility for. We all have the right to be wrong. That never stops, and no one, or one group, has claim to all the answers.

I'd be honored to represent you with local application of values and transparency. I will be your voice in County Government. I'd be a great Supervisor.

3. Leadership. Real leaders don't wait on poll results or party approval to speak out, advocate and organize. Leadership stands up, proclaims and inspires.

Leadership is an ongoing dialog sifting through ambiguities and coming to decisions on advocacy. I offer leadership, not platitudes to pacify a status quo. I am bold, mature and stoked. Ryan Coonerty: Platitudes and puff. Bob Lamonica: Leadership. I take positions on issues. I had the courage to do this.

As a shockingly insulting nepotist bandwagon attempts to validate its empty and worn out claim to local political authority, in reality, it's time to change channels. Bluntly, with all sincerity, success would mean the end of SCC progressive establishment double standard hypocrisy.

Leadership. Empowering. Inspiring. This is our time. I am the better candidate. With your support, I will win.


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