Santa Cruz County

8-year-old sworn in as Honorary Deputy

Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputies fullfill boy's wish

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - He got a badge, a uniform and made his first "arrest." With that, Nicky Draper's wish to be a law enforcement officer was fulfilled.

Nicky, 8, is fighting a serious illness. When Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputies heard about his love for law enforcement, they decided to make him an Honorary Deputy.

Nicky reported for duty last Saturday. After being sworn in by Sheriff Jim Hart, he was given a custom made badge and attended a briefing with fellow deputies.

While on patrol in the station's parking lot, he participated in a staged car stop and made a mock arrest. A deputy played the role of "bad guy."

A video of Nicky's day is posted on the Sheriff's Office Facebook page. To view, click here

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