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A controversial film hits the big screen in Scotts Valley

Scotts Valley residents upset with Cinelux over the screening of "Hillary's America"

Scotts Valley community reacts to controversial film

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - There is only one theater in Santa Cruz County that is showing the controversial film, "Hillary's America." The movie claims to disclose secrets of the Democratic Party and some people in Scotts Valley are outraged at its showing. 

The film -- released just months before the Presidential election -- is playing at Cinelux Scotts Valley at 226 Mount Hermon Road.

"It's a negative Hillary thing and I'm just so sick and tired of all the negativity that's going on, on both sides of this campaign," said Felton resident Yvonne Day. "It's not doing any of us any good. It's not doing the country any good. I think we look like idiots and fools in the eyes of a lot of people." 

The movie was produced by Dinesh D'Souza, who was convicted of violating campaign finance laws in 2014. The film acknowledges the conviction but focuses more on his version of the Democratic Party's history from the 1800's to now. In the film Democrats are seen as Ku Klux Klan members, slave owners and criminals. 

"If somebody is going to pay to go see it, that's their prerogative. And if a Donald Trump supporter wants to go see it, I don't see the big flap," said Scotts Valley resident, Jim Duggan. 

Michael Black of Scotts Valley saw the movie for a second time on Tuesday. 

"The financial support from the Democrats about the KKK -- it just blew me away. And the fact that a Republican never owned a slave is a mind blowing. Well, there was probably one," said Black. 

Scotts Valley Cinelux started screening the movie in mid-July. The company said it was strictly a business decision. 

"We're a movie theater. Theaters show movies and there's all types of genres and people like all different kinds of films. You know, we don't pick a side. If there's an audience for something, we'll do our best to show that film in that market that makes sense for us," said Cinelux director of operations, Michael Taffe. 

The company's decision doesn't make sense to some movie goers. 

"Not having watched the movie, I can't really say. But I would say if it is a negative thing on the Democrats or even it were the Republicans, I don't think it should be shown. What good is coming from this?" said Day. 

Ticket sales for "Hillary's America" have dropped and Cinelux officials said its last showing will likely be Thursday.

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