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Aptos kids combat bullying by five acts of kindness a day

A 21-day challenge has Rio Del Mar students excited about being kind to one another

Aptos kids random acts of kindness

APTOS, Calif. - Kids in Aptos are saying no to bullying by the oldest trick in the book, being nice.

In their own words, "My friend said she liked my jacket and she was being really kind to me."

As genuine as kids can get, "To my teacher because she gave no homework."

These are the random acts of kindness from kids at Rio Del Mar Elementary, "I'm writing about my friend Gwen because when I had no one to play with she played with me."

They see it happening, they write the kindness down and put it in a box. Students do this five times a day, everyday. It's part of a 21-day challenge to combat bullying.

"Its been really, really powerful," said Justina Bryant, parent and teacher for the Random Acts of Kindness Club.

Bryant started the challenge at Rio Del Mar; all students and faculty are participating.

"It really has allowed the teachers to open up a dialogue in the classroom of what kindness looks like," said Bryant.

"I see an excitement to be kind to one another and they are not looking for a reward," said Martin Sweet, fifth and sixth-grade teacher.

Central Coast News sat down with nine kids and they agree.
"You see a lot more after this, I've seen a lot more people helping other people," said one student.

"When you bring attention to it and pay attention then you do it more," said Principal Deborah Dorney.

So after each act of kindness is in, "When I tripped she walked up to me and asked me if I was OK."

When the 21 days are up of writing all the acts, "To Taylor, because she said I really like your shoes."

They will make a chain out of all of them and hang it in the cafeteria, "My friend did something as simple as sharing a ball at recess."

To show that it's not hard to be kind.

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