Santa Cruz County

Bond reveals alleged prostitute arrested in Santa Cruz is flight risk

Arraignment for Alix Tichelman set for this week

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - The alleged prostitute accused of killing a Google executive on his Santa Cruz yacht in November is expected for an arraignment Wednesday.

CNN obtained the bond report Monday for Alix Tichelman, 26, which talked about her family and alleged intentions before the arrest.

It said she was preparing to move out of the state when she was arrested.

The report said Tichelman has dual citizenship in Canada and her parents are wealthy, alleging she was a flight risk.

It said she has continued to engage in dangerous drug use since the death of Forrest Timothy Hayes, 51.  

Tichelman appeared in court last Wednesday in Santa Cruz where she faced a series of charges in the death of the married father of five.

Authorities say Tichelman gave him an injection of heroin and then, as he began to die, she sipped her wine, gathered her belongings and walked away.

She has not entered a plea.

Days after her court appearance, Georgia investigators opened the case surrounding the death of her former boyfriend Dean Riopelle, a club owner in Atlanta.

Riopelle died at his home in Milton, Georgia, just two months before Hayes, the Google executive.


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