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CHP: Pay attention to emergency vehicles

CHP officers say you put everyone at risk when you don't slow down or move over for emergency vehicles

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Two California Highway Patrol officers, Brian Law and Juan Gonzalez were killed early Monday morning when their patrol car crashed just south of Fresno.

The investigation is still ongoing but officers say this is a reminder of how dangerous the roads can be.

"Our safety is our primary priority. We want to be able to go to our families at the end of the day," said CHP Officer Bradley Sadek.

Central Coast News reporter Ricardo Navarro went on a ride along today with Sadek he pulled over drivers for speeding.

"The motorist is required to move over to the left if they can, or slow down," said Sadek.

Not many people actually did it when Sadek was talking to drivers during his traffic stops. 

"Some people do, some people don't. It still hasn't quite gotten to many people's heads," said Sadek.

By law you're supposed to.

"Traffic will just continue as if nothing was going on. Almost like we are not there at all," said Sadek.

That's whats always in the back of their mind said Sadek.

"So if the worse were to go down then we were be hit by car, then there's almost no hope for us to survive that," said Sadek.

Today was a sobering reminder of how dangerous the roads can be for these officers. Sadek says he wishes it didn't take a tragedy to drive the point home.

"People shouldn't let the reason they become aware of it be a news story relating to it," he said.

It is unknown what contributed to the fatal crash this morning.  Sadek said it can be deadly when drivers don't follow the law.

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