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Facebook Page Helps Santa Cruz Man Find Stolen Work Van

Victim Credits Take Back Santa Cruz Facebook page

Stolen Plumbing Van Returned To Man Through Facebook

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - A Santa Cruz businessman credits a local community watch Facebook page for helping him get his stolen van back.

Jacy Aragao has been a plumber for 15 years. For the last four, he's been running his own company, called Super Rooter Plumbing.

"I can't complain. Business is very good right now," he said.

But on Saturday, he woke up and the thing he worked so hard for vanished.

"I took a look in the window and couldn't find my van, just freaking out," he said.

Aragao's wife posted a picture of the van on the "Take Back Santa Cruz" Facebook page. Twenty-four hours later, this comment was posted from a complete stranger: "Your van is parked in front of 512 Maple Street. It's there right now." And there it was. Aragao tried to put his reaction into words.

"When you are a little kid and you really want a toy. And then you get back home and you see it, like Santa Claus left there for you," he said. "I cannot describe it."

Aragao had his van back, but lost upwards of $10,000 in equipment. Besides the monetary damage, there was also physical damage to the car.

Take Back Santa Cruz is a notorious lost-and-found destination with people recovering bikes, purses and even dogs.

"A few more days, about a week, I'll be able to help the community like they helped me find the van," Aragao said. "So just call me."

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