Santa Cruz County

Giant Sink Hole in Santa Cruz Shuts Down Street and Sidewalk

Update: Public Works has partially reopened Westcliff Drive

Santa Cruz Sinkhole Draws Attention and Caution

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Santa Cruz police are advising people to stay away from Woodrow Avenue and Colombia off the corner of West Cliff Dr. because of a giant sinkhole off the side of the street.

The sinkhole isn't actually on the road itself, but near the sidewalk toward the ocean.

The Santa Cruz City Public Works Department says they filled this hole six years ago, but it has since reopened because of the giant waves crashing underneath it.

The city is trying to close it up again, but it'll cost them between $50,000 and $100,000 to do it.

Update 7:31pm: The intersection of West Cliff Drive and Woodrow Avenue has been partially reopened. The Public Works Department evaluated the sink hole and they determined the affected area needed to have barricades diverting traffic.

Currently eastbound West Cliff Dr. from Woodrow Ave. is still closed to vehicles. Traffic is being diverted onto northbound Woodrow Avenue.

This partial road closure will probably continue throughout the weekend, until Public Works determines otherwise. All westbound traffic along West Cliff Dr. is open.

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