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Gilroy Garlic Festival heat-related medical calls down from last year

Gilroy Garlic Festival wraps up

GILROY, Calif. - Sunday marked the final day of the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Even though the event started off with a little rain that didn't put a damper on attendance.

Thousands of people came out to enjoy all things garlic -- fries, hot wings and even ice cream.

Although official numbers won't be out until next week, organizers said about 100,000 people turned out.

But with the hot temps, heat exhaustion was a big topic of conversation this weekend, so organizers tried to accommodate people as best as they could.

"I think that the public has done really well," said Brian Bowe, executive director. "We've got free water stations, rain rooms, mist tents, shade canopies. I think the people have responded well. There haven't been anymore issues than there is in any other year as far as people needing medical aid or anything like that."

The Gilroy Fire Department responded to 46 heat-related calls. Two people had to be taken to the hospital.

Last year, there were 60 calls for medical service due to the heat.

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