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Local Blogger Helping Santa Cruz SPCA With Theo and Beau Valentine Card

An adorable toddler and his best pal have taken over the internet and are now using their new found fame to help the Santa Cruz SPCA.

Have you heard of Theo and Beau? Maybe you have seen pictures of the boy and his dog taking naps together? The pictures posted by mom Jessica Shyra on her blog Momma's Gone City have gained international attention.

"I'm really lucky that all of this happened after I'd already established this blog as both a social platform as well as a business, because it's allowed me to team up with major (majorly awesome) brands that are ready, willing and excited to team up with me to raise funds for the Santa Cruz SPCA," wrote Jessica.

Here are some of the ways you can help the Santa Cruz SPCA, who currently helps over 100 animals  per month out of it 1,200 square foot facility.

Team Cuddle Contest

Theo and Beau Valentine's Day card

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