Santa Cruz County

Man arrested for attacking Watsonville sergeant

WATSONVILLE, Calif. - A Watsonville man is facing multiple charges including battery on a peace officer for attacking a sergeant not once, but twice over the weekend.

Watsonville police said Sgt. Ed Delfin was investigating an attempted vehicle burglary Friday when he was reportedly assaulted by Daniel Miguel Guzman who then took off.

Police Chief Manny Solano later saw the suspect peering into his unmarked police car. After alerting officers over the radio, Sgt. Delfin contacted Guzman and another person. Watsonville police said Guzman attacked Delfin again, hitting him in the head.

Sgt. Delfin attempted to use his stun gun on Guzman, but the probes did not connect. At one point in the struggle, Guzman reportedly got a hold of Sgt. Delfin's baton.

The struggle moved across Airport Blvd into the westbound lanes when two citizens helped Sgt. Delfin in restraining Guzman.
Both Sgt. Delfin and Guzman were transported to Watsonville Community Hospital for medical evaluation. Sgt. Delfin was released a short time later with cuts and bruising to the head.

Guzman was then transported to Santa Cruz County Jail where he was charged with resisting arrest, battery on a peace officer, tampering with a vehicle, and probation violation.
Anyone with information regarding this crime is encouraged to call the Watsonville Police Department at (831) 471-1151, the anonymous tip line at (831)768-3544, or the Watsonville Police Departments Investigations Bureau at (831)768-3352.

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