Santa Cruz County

Man under arrest for allegedly attacking security officer

Happened at Mike Fox Park Tuesday

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - A First Alarm security officer is recovering as his alleged attacker spends Wednesday night in county jail.

Santa Cruz police say just before 8:30 Tuesday morning, that security guard was paroling Mike Fox Park.  The skate park was closed for use by a filming crew, which held a permit for exclusive use of the park.

Officers say Brian Armstrong jumped a fence to gain entry to the park.  At that time, the security officer approached him and asked that he leave the premises.

Armstrong allegedly refused and, police say, held his skateboard over his head while verbally threatening the security officer.  During the altercation, Armstrong allegedly grabbed the security officer's badge and ripped it from him shirt.

The security guard told police Armstrong then ran toward his truck, which was parked in the parking lot.  Police say the security officer chased after the suspect, catching up to him at his truck.  At that point, officers say, the security officer held Armstrong in a headlock, though he was still able to start the truck.

After starting the truck, Armstrong allegedly threatened to run over the security officer if he didn't let him go.  Witnesses apparently told police they saw a dog in the truck, which he was commanding to "attack" the guard.

After a few moments, Armstrong got his vehicle into drive and hit the security officer with the still-opened door.  Armstrong then took off.

Santa Cruz Police officers, responding to the scene, caught up to Armstrong a few blocks away and he was arrested.

Armstrong was booked for Robbery and Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

The security guard sustained moderate injuries and was treated at the scene by emergency medical responders.

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