Santa Cruz County

Mass anchovy die off at Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor

Anchovy die-off closes Santa Cruz harbor

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - The Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor is being overrun with dead anchovies.

This time, the problem is so bad that police have closed off the launch ramp.

When the fish swim into the harbor in mass schools, experts say what happens is that there isn't enough oxygen for all of the fish. That's what is causing the die-off.

Meanwhile, volunteers are being recruited to come help clean up the thousands of small fish corpses cluttering the harbor. The SUP Shack, a local business specializing in stand-up paddle board rentals, is even offering free two-hour paddle board rentals and other treats to volunteers who come help with the clean up for at least two hours.

That's according to their Facebook page.

There's also an ad-hoc, all-volunteer cleanup being organized for Friday.

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