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#PositiveLocalNews: Morning Pastry In Memory Of Fallen Santa Cruz Officer

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - What does community support look like after one of the worst tragedies Santa Cruz has ever seen? Apparently it comes in the shape of a morning bun sprinkled with sugar.

The Santa Cruz Police Department has been getting weekly deliveries of the sweet treat without fail since the memorial ceremony last year for fallen Detective Elizabeth Butler, and Sergeant Butch Baker.

Elizabeth's sister, Alexis, highlighted how much Elizabeth loved good food and treats. The department said Elizabeth's especially strong attraction to morning buns from Kelly's French Bakery has been well chronicled through the halls of the Santa Cruz Police Department. Police Chief Kevin Vogel even alluded to the legend of the morning bun as he spoke at the memorial service. 

The police department said owners Kelly and Mark Sanchez, of Kelly's French Bakery wasted no time and swung into action. Since learning of Elizabeth's love of their morning buns, Kelly's French Bakery has been delivering 100 of their delicious morning buns to the police department every Wednesday morning without fail. 

Santa Cruz police, as well as the community, continue to mourn the loss of two of their own. Butler and Baker were killed by Jeremy Goulet in the line of duty on February 26th, 2013.

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