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Push for voters ramps up at Santa Cruz County Fair

Politics hits Santa Cruz County Fair

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Calif. - UPDATE 9/14/16 6:31PM: The Santa Cruz County Fair kicked off today and local political groups are taking advantage of the crowd. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties of Santa Cruz County are out at the fair for a last push to register voters.

"The only way to be really, really engaged with your voice, is your vote!" said Coco Walter, with the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee.

For Republicans, it's been an uphill battle in a county where most lean Democratic.

"We're here going out to the community, energizing the grassroots, and asking people to vote because the election is very close," said Susan Allen, Chair of the Republican Party of Santa Cruz.

The rush to register voters is on, as the deadline is October 24th, about a month away. Both parties agree it's important to bring up the issues of local government that sometimes get overlooked.

"They just see Hillary and Trump, Hillary and Trump, and there's so much more in our community and so much more information," said Walter.

And when pitching their party, no matter who you're voting for, both representatives want people to do their homework.

"Go through, and you know, look at all the literature," said Allen, "not just at the presidential level but all the way down."

Both committees will be at the county fair through the end of the week.

ORIGINAL STORY: Santa Cruz Republicans and Democrats are working to get their party's message out at the Santa Cruz County Fair.

Booths are set up at the fairgrounds, and representatives said they're hoping swing more voters in predominantly Democratic territory.

Both parties are speaking with people about the presidential race and local measures.

KION's Steve Fundaro finds out if they're gaining traction with fairgoers this year.

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