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San Lorenzo River paddle event to garner support for river revitalization

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Don't be shocked of you see a large group of residents, city officials and others paddling down the San Lorenzo River in downtown Santa Cruz Saturday. They'll be on non-motorized canoes, kayaks, rowboats and stand-up paddleboards as part of a campaign to encourage the revitalization of the river.

The 2014 River Paddle Series is pilot program of paddle events, designed to help the city of Santa Cruz and the San Lorenzo River Alliance learn more about how to increase access to the river for residents and visitors. Information gathered at the events will be used to inform city officials in their ongoing review of the municipal code that currently prevents recreational paddling on the lower river.

The paddle events are made possible by a special permit from the city. The inaugural public paddle event was held on Oct. 12, and 50 participants kayaked, rowed and paddled their way from San Lorenzo Park to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and back. This is the third such event.

"We hope the River Paddle Series events are a chance for participants to see Santa Cruz from a new perspective and an opportunity to connect with nature in downtown Santa Cruz," said Greg Pepping, Executive Director of the Coastal Watershed Council. "We look forward to exploring how to make this a possibility for everyone."

All spaces for Saturday's event are full, but future events are coming up. To learn more, call the Coastal Watershed Council at 464-9200 or email

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