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Santa Cruz city officials working to expand Arana Gulch access

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - In advance of National Public Works week, city of Santa Cruz officials have released new photos and details about the multi-use trail project at Arana Gulch.

The project, expected to open in November, will expand the greenbelt's access to more people while still providing habitat protection, city public works officials say. It will be open to both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Arana Gulch, situated within city of Santa Cruz limits, includes open meadows, woodland and Arana Creek.

The new multi-use trails will provide access to Arana Gulch for people with limited mobility or injuries and who may have difficulty walking on uneven and muddy services.

The new trail system designed by city officials is nearly a mile-long and is expected to help better connect the city.

Public access is also being expanded with the addition of a new 340-foot stress-ribbon pedestrian bridge across Hagemann Gulch. It's the first use of stress- ribbon engineering design in central California, allowing for a single span without any impact or intrusion on the gulch below.

An interpretive program will include signage on the natural history of the area as well. More information available on the city's public works' website.

More photos pertaining to the project can be viewed here.

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