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Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter officials investigating puppy's meth overdose

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter's Field Services Department this week investigated reports of a puppy that had possibly overdosed on methamphetamine.

Officers received an emergency call from VCA Veterinary Hospital in Santa Cruz Tuesday regarding a puppy they had in their care. Based on statements made by the person with the dog, as well as the dog's behavior, the veterinarian believed that the dog was under the influence of methamphetamine. The person who brought the dog to the veterinarian was evasive and tried to take the dog back, shelter officials reported. 

An animal control officer made contact with the person via phone, and told them they would not be taking the puppy home and that the Animal Shelter would be taking custody of it. 

The officer responded to the veterinarian's office and rushed the puppy to the Animal Shelter Veterinarian, who immediately began emergency treatment on the dog.

Based on tips of whom the owner could be, the animal control officer went to several known transient locations in search of the owner and additional puppies suspected to be in the litter.

The officer was unable to locate them, but began spreading the word that animal control was looking for the suspected owner to answer questions on how one of her puppies overdosed on methamphetamine.

On Wednesday, animal control officers went with Santa Cruz city park rangers to conduct multiple sweeps in the area in search of the owner and the other puppies. Six hours of searching did not turn up the woman or the dogs.

Animal control officers are still seeking the owner. Meanwhile, the puppy believed to have overdosed is recovering and will be adopted out.

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