Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz investigators in Tichelman case head to Georgia

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Santa Cruz investigators are headed to Georgia Tuesday morning to meet with authorities in regard to the case involving the alleged high-end call girl accused of playing a part in the drug overdose death of a Google executive last November.

Georgia authorities have reopened a case involving the death of a former nightclub owner who dated Alix Tichelman.

Tichelman is accused of injecting Forrest Hayes, a married father of five, with heroin in November and leaving him to die.

Police say Hayes died of an overdose on a Santa Cruz yacht.

Investigators believe Tichelman could be behind the death of her former boyfriend and nightclub owner in Georgia who died under similar circumstances in September of 2013.

Tichelman, 26, pleaded not guilty to all eight counts, including felony manslaughter.

A felony manslaughter charge carries a possible maximum sentence of 11 years in prison, according to California law. Tichelman also faces a number of drug-related charges.

Tichelman will be back in court on October 20th to set a date for a preliminary hearing.  

She is being represented by the public defender's office.

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